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Our Ohio Criminal Defense Clients Share Their Stories With You

Columbus criminal defense attorney Adam Nemann has had many successes in defending Ohio clients. You can find their stories here. These are real clients who faced charges that threatened to ruin their entire lives. By hiring Nemann Law Offices, they found the kind of comprehensive Ohio criminal defense they needed.

"Adam was great. He kept me calm and informed. He was very responsive. Though I sincerely hope I will never need his services again, if I ever do, I won't even consider anyone else."

August '15

"The charge of OMVI as a middle aged woman with no such history was very frightening and sobering (pun intended). My friend referred me to Adam, and I am exceedingly grateful. He was professional, knowledgeable and his demeanor calming to an otherwise hysterical client. He was readily available when I had questions, and explained what was going to happen. Truthfully, I hope I never need his services again as that would mean I broke the law (!), but if anyone I know is in need of his services, I would certainly send them to Adam."

August '15

"Caring, Professional Representation!"

August '15

"I don't know how to thank you, but you just saved my whole life, and I owe you everything!"  (with a hug)

Felony client in Franklin Co. Common Pleas Court, November, 2014

"I want to thank you so much for all your work during this case, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  It was a struggle, thinking about what could have happened to me, and it terrified me.  But having you as my attorney really put my mind at ease, with all the success and experience you have...you do very good work, and I hope you keep doing well for other people!"

juvenile client, June, 2013

"I wanted to make sure I sent you a big THANK YOU for assisting in getting [my son] home yesterday!!!"

current client

"You just worked some magic there in the courtroom!"  A client's reaction after his bond was reduced from a half-million dollars, to an affordable amount, which was posted and the client released the same evening.

Defendant on an active case

“My son returned from Iraq, and he was having a difficult time coping with the after-effects of war.  When my son was arrested for a drinking and driving offense and Mr. Nemann went above and beyond what most lawyers would do.  Mr. Nemann was able to get the charges reduced, and get my son’s license back for work.  Beyond the court result, he was understanding, supportive, and answered all our questions.  This was the first time we ever dealt with a criminal case in our family, and having Mr. Nemann defend my son was the best choice we could have ever made.  The experience was far less painful than if we had used anyone else, I am pleased to say.”

“Thank you for hard work, dedication, and commitment to my defense…I was accused of an awful crime, and was innocent.  You were the only one who believed in me, and I left my entire life in your hands.  Thank you for proving my innocence, and saving my life.  I am forever indebted to your relentless effort on my behalf.  I was so impressed with how much pride you take in your work.“

“My lawyers are amazing!”

Derris Lewis