What is an appeal?

Supreme Court of OhioThe appeals process is when a higher court reviews the lower court’s decision (in this instance, the court of law that convicted you of your crime). In the state of Ohio, appeals are presented to a three-judge appellate panel No new evidence can be presented – only the written briefs of the original case can be utilized In this phase of your case, you need an attorney who has extremely strong attention to detail, clear and effective writing skills and a keen knowledge of the law so as to develop a strong appellate case for you. You need an Ohio Criminal Appeal attorney who can make a passionate, informed argument in order to possibly have your conviction overturned. You have a chance to get your life back. That is precisely why you need Adam Nemann to represent you on your appeal.

Should I appeal?

Mistakes happen to everyone in every area of life. Even in criminal trials. The appellate process is completely different than that experienced at the trial court level. Whether you have entered a plea, or been convicted by a judge or jury, you still have a direct right to an appeal. If you feel that you were not properly represented, or that you did not receive the protections afforded to you by the United States and Ohio Constitutions, then you should appeal.

If there were issues at the trial court, an appeal could result in your case being remanded to the trial court for a new trial or sentencing, reversal of the conviction, or an outright dismissal of all charges that were brought against you.

Adam Nemann will review the record of any relevant proceedings to guarantee that:

  • That your Constitutional Procedural Due Process rights were safeguarded;
  • That all of the elements of all the charges were proven beyond a reasonable doubt against you in accordance with your Constitutional Substantive Due Process Rights;
  • That the Judge did not incorrectly instruct the jury, misinterpret the law as it now stands, and did not abuse their power;
  • That your sentence was properly given and journalized; and
  •  There were not any errors that caused you harm during your plea, trial, or sentence.

In most cases, you must file an appeal within 30 days. So, don't delay and contact us today for a free consultation.


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