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Nemann Law Offices, LLC

Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Defense for Columbus Criminal Offenses

Nemann Law Offices provideds free and confidential intial consultations prior to finalizing the attorney-client agreement.  We provide the opportunity to listen to your side of the story, assess your case, and plan a legal strategy that is superior to any other in the profession.  This botique firm style is implemented on the belief that client input and understanding are essential to mounting a good defense.  Steadfast preparation, and extensive experience in the area of criminal defense has made Nemann Law one of the foremost endorsed defense firms in the midwest.

Adam Nemann understands the confusion and fear accompanying an Ohio criminal charge. Commitment and experience are the key words in his successful defense of over 250 cases a year. A professor at Capital University Law School, he is respected in his field. Nemann Law Offices, located in Columbus, provides a comprehensive defense of all Ohio criminal charges.