• Jail time: You are facing a three-day minimum jail sentence for a first offense, ten days for a second offense and 30 days for a third offense. And, depending on the circumstances of your case, this time can extend up to a year or more for multiple offenses.  
  • License suspension: ranging from six months to three years on a first offense.  The suspension incrementally increases for repeat offenders.
  • Court ordered driver intervention programs (DIP), in lieu of or in addition to jail time for multiple offenses.
  • Heavy fees and fines: minimum $375.00 fine for a first offense!  This does not include court costs, which can run into the hundreds. 

These legal punishments do not begin to cover the personal, family, and financial problems an OVI brings, not only now, but also far into the future.  Contact Nemann Law now for a free consultation, to discuss the best strategy to avoid the above penalties.

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