Adam Nemann understands the charges you face and will use his expertise to lessen them, or even get them dismissed.   Common Ohio OVI defense strategies include:  

  • Challenging the traffic stop itself. Perhaps the officer didn’t have a legal justification to pull you over or you did not have a right to detain you beyond the original purpose of the stop.  
  • Showing that your rights were violated when evidence was collected.  
  • Demonstrating that the police report was inaccurate.  
  • Challenging the results of sobriety testing including both field tests and breath, blood, or urine tests, which are subject to mistakes and inaccuracies.  
  • Using video evidence to challenge the arrest and/or the accuracy of police statements.  
  • Introducing witnesses who will support your defense.  
  • Appealing your case in the Court of Appeals if you have already been convicted.

Columbus OVI defense attorney Adam Nemann will mount an aggressive and thorough defense on your behalf. Our defense team will work to protect your rights by researching, questioning and challenging evidence—all with the ultimate goals of reducing or dismissing the charges against you.

Adam Lee Nemann
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Trial and Defense Attorney, Adjunct Professor of Law at Capital University, founder of Nemann Law Offices

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