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Drugs from drug offense attorney case in Columbus, OhioAt Nemann Law Offices, we handle all types of drug offenses. Were you pulled over for a traffic violation and arrested because narcotics were found in your car? No matter what scenario led to your arrest, or even if you are simply under investigation by law enforcement and no charges have been filed against you yet, it is important to make certain your rights are protected. Our attorneys can defend you against drug offenses at the state and federal level. For a free consultation with Adam Nemann, call us locally at 614-333-6007 or toll free at 888-294-9687.

Drug Offenses Are Not Minor Offenses
Many people make the mistake of assuming that drug offenses are minor offenses. While it is true that there are misdemeanor marijuana possession charges that could be disposed of in a fairly straightforward manner in mayor's courts, and or municipal courts even these cases require the assistance of an experienced lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. Conviction of any type of drug offense in Ohio carries a mandatory driver's license suspension for a minimal six months to five years. Depending on the amount involved, drug charges can come with the risk of mandatory prison time if you are convicted. In these cases, it is extremely important to choose a lawyer who will take an aggressive and strategic approach aimed at defeating the charges or minimizing the consequences and penalties in your case. That is what we do.

Evidence Is Crucial in Drug Offenses
The prosecution's case against you may be built on various pieces of evidence, from the actual narcotics found in your possession to statements from informants. Our aggressive approach to drug crime defense involves reviewing every single piece of evidence to determine whether the prosecution obtained it legally. We will ask questions about how traffic stops, searches and seizures were handled by law enforcement officials. We will review warrants. If there is any indication that there was a violation of your Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights, or that steps taken by enforcement were unconstitutional in any way, we will seek to suppress the evidence.

Drug Arrest
Why an Aggressive Approach to Narcotics Defense Is Critical
Depending on the specific drug charge that has been filed against you, the penalties you could face upon conviction can range from heavy fines to prison time. These are charges that will make a mark on your life, charges that prosecutors, particularly federal prosecutors if you are facing federal charges, take very seriously. By using our experience and taking an aggressive approach, our attorneys are able to limit your exposure to these harsh penalties. In some cases, negotiation with state or federal prosecutors makes sense. We may be able to work with them to substantially minimize the impact of these charges on your life. However, we do not simply assume that negotiation will be successful. We prepare cases for trial. We will fight if necessary to defend you against drug charges.

We Will Attack the Prosecution's Case
We are experienced criminal defense attorneys. We understand the building blocks of the prosecution's case. We understand that success often relies on taking those blocks away.
How was the evidence against you gathered? Was it gathered legally, or were your constitutional rights violated? That question is extremely important. If we carefully review your case and find that your Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights have been violated, we will seek to suppress the evidence. We will look at all evidence, from the meth that was allegedly found in your possession to statements from informants, attacking any piece of evidence that was not obtained legally..

Prescription Drug Charges Are Serious
PillsPharmaceutical drug charges are prosecuted with the same level of intensity as any other drug charges. In fact, state and federal authorities have been paying a great deal of attention to these cases, working hard to get convictions. The penalties are serious, and can include prison time. Our role is to protect you from these repercussions.


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