Being convicted of an Ohio sex crime can change your life forever—perhaps in ways you may never have imagined. That is why it is so very important to find and retain a lawyer who understands not only the penalties you are facing, but the aggressive legal strategies necessary to defend you successfully.

And it is never a good idea to wait too long to get legal representation. The current political climate has taken aim at anyone accused of a sex crime, demanding stiffer punishments.

A sexual charge can come from anyone at any time. Even if the evidence is weak or even nonexistent, sex crime cases happen more and more frequently these days. A click on a pornographic website, a private text message between teenagers, an angry ex-spouse— these and many more situations result in Ohio sex crime cases every day.

The Consequences of Sex Crime Accusations

An Ohio sex crime accusation, whether or not you are found guilty, can result in:

  • Time spent in prison, where sex offenders are not treated well.
  • A stigma that damages not only you, but your family members as well—children, spouse, parents, and others.
  • Broken personal relationships.
  • Trouble finding employment and a constant fear of losing a job when you do have it.

If convicted, an Ohio sex offender registration can follow you for the rest of your life, making even finding a place to live almost impossible.

False Accusations

The truth is that sex crime cases are often based on false accusations. Of the many areas of criminal law, this type of case is one of the few in which innocent people are routinely accused falsely and even found guilty when they are not.

Why do people do this? There are many, many reasons a person will accuse another unjustly. But with sex crimes, the following are some of the most well known reasons:

  • To win child custody cases. False accusations against a spouse involving child molestation or other inappropriate behavior can provide unfair leverage in a child custody hearing.
  • To protect their reputations. Some people will claim sexual assault when the sex was consensual, to keep others from judging them.
  • To get money. There are always high-profile cases of celebrities accused of sexual crimes, and these cases almost always end in financial gain for the accuser.

No matter what the circumstances of your sex crime charge, you stand to lose a great deal. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact an Ohio sex crime defense attorney in Columbus today to get started on your defense. Nemann Law Offices will work tirelessly to represent you, and Adam Nemann’s case results speak for themselves. Call toll free today at 888-294-9687 for a free case consultation.

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