After a Federal Search Warrant: The First Thing You Should Do

Having federal agents arrive at your house with a search warrant can be a traumatic experience. Watching strangers sort through your belongings feels like a complete violation of your privacy, leaving you and your family feeling confused and often scared. At Nemann Law Offices, we understand the process and will work alongside you to protect you through every step of your case. Call us as soon as you suspect you are under investigation to get on track to defending against wrongful accusations or contact us online. The sooner you connect with a seasoned federal defense attorney, the better your chances are of being successful in your federal criminal case.

What Happens After a Search is Executed by Federal Agents?

When agents come to your house and perform a search, it typically means that you are the target of an investigation. The government has presented evidence of a crime to a judge and was able to convince him or her that they had significant reason to obtain a warrant and search your home or office. If the government is searching for evidence that would convict someone else, they would most likely use a subpoena instead of a warrant. If your personal space has been searched, contact Nemann Law Offices as soon as possible to learn about the options available in your case. A skilled attorney will review every detail and develop a winning defense strategy to help prove your innocence or achieve the best outcome possible.

What Happens to Personal Property Seized During a Search?

During a search, federal agents may seize some of your personal property if pre-arranged with a judge. You should take note of anything they take with them, as it may be helpful to your attorney later down the road. If federal agents have seized any of your personal property, you may not get it back until the criminal case is concluded. If they took a computer, smartphone, or hard drive, they may make a copy of it and return your computer or device when possible. Your attorney may be able to speak with them at ask for your property back early, although this may not be a possibility in all situations. For more information regarding your legal rights and property seizure, contact Nemann Law Offices.

Our Approach to Speaking with Federal Agents

If federal agents came to your home or office with a warrant, conducted a search, and asked you questions, it’s crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Speaking with federal agents may hinder your chances of receiving a fair outcome in your case, so it’s crucial to remember everything you said during the exchange so your attorney knows what you’re up against. The first thing you should do after speaking with an agent is write down everything you said in detail. Include information about the search, such as how many agents came to your house, how long they were there, what they took, and any other facts you can recall. This information will be invaluable to your lawyer as they carefully craft your defense.

If you did not yet speak with federal agents during the search, reach out to a defense lawyer before you talk to them. Your attorney will carefully explain your legal rights to you, so you’re aware of the options. No matter what, we recommend using your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, until you have a lawyer present. Contact Nemann Law Offices with any questions you have regarding your case. We provide free initial case consultations and are available 24/7 to start fighting on your behalf.

Contact Nemann Law Offices for 24/7 Criminal Defense

Our defense lawyers have over 15 years of experience defending Ohio’s wrongly accused and are ready to put their extensive experience and body of accumulated knowledge to work in your case. If your home or office has been searched, you need a brilliant attorney to battle for your legal rights. At Nemann Law Offices, we are committed to defending your best interests and will do everything in our power to keep you out of jail. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-294-9687 for a free initial case consultation and to get connected with a seasoned attorney who is ready to start building a winning defense strategy for you. You can contact us online for a free consultation.


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