If you are charged with an Ohio white collar or theft crime, the penalties can be harsh, including jail time, stiff restitution, and personal ruin. For these reasons, you need to seek the best legal advice you can get to reduce or even eliminate the charges against you. One option your attorney might consider is the Ohio Pre-Trial Diversion Program.

What is the Diversion Program?

Originally, Ohio prosecutors discussed the Pre-Trial Diversion Program to provide an alternative to the standard kinds of sentencing for certain kinds of crimes.

The Diversion Program was begun and the authorization for it is found in the Ohio Revised Code Section 2935.36. This legislation allows some people charged with crimes to plead guilty. Following that, prosecution will be suspended for a probationary period of time—the length decided by the prosecution—while the defendant completes the pre-trial diversion requirements.

When the offender has successfully completed this probationary time, the prosecutor will dismiss the indictment against him or her. This means that there will be no felony or misdemeanor conviction on his or her record. If the offender does not fulfill the requirements of the program, prosecution will resume.

Who Can the Diversion Program Help?

According to Ohio law, a diversion program is aimed at offenders who are not likely to repeat their crimes. Generally, the following is true:

  • Offenses must be non-violent in nature.
  • It must be a first offense.
  • Dangerous offenders are not considered.
  • Anyone who has made threats of harm against another is excluded.
  • Requirements of a diversion program may include a fee, victim restitution, offender classes, and varying degrees of supervision.

In Ohio, diversion programs differ from county to county. To find out if this option is available in your case, you will need to consult an Ohio white collar crime/theft attorney.

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