Being charged with an Ohio white collar or theft crime can threaten your future in every way. From alienating family, to losing work opportunities, to serving time in prison, the consequences of conviction can be devastating. This is no time to make mistakes.

Yet too many people “shoot themselves in the foot” when it comes to white collar crime. Here are five ways to ruin your chances of beating an Ohio charge:

  1. Assume that you will be treated differently than a violent criminal. In Ohio prosecution, white collar crime is every bit as serious as violent crimes. Even if you have a good name in your community and have never had a run-in with the law before, you are not any more protected from serious penalties than any other person convicted of a serious crime. You cannot assume that you are safer than anyone else.
  2. Think that your part in the crime was insignificant. Even if the crime you are charged with has numerous defendants, the fact that you were charged in the first place means that you are facing the same kinds of penalties as any co-defendants. Just because it wasn’t your idea, or you were used as a pawn, doesn’t mean you will be treated leniently.
  3. Wait too long to seek legal representation. One of the biggest mistakes people charged with white collar crimes in Ohio make is to think they can beat the system or that the charges will be dropped when the court hears their side of the story. Because of the detailed research that is needed to defend you, the sooner you hire an attorney, the better your chances.
  4. Think your crime is victimless, therefore less serious than others. Any criminal defense attorney will tell you that this way of thinking is not only incorrect; it is dangerous. In truth, scams and fraud do have victims—and these victims are more than willing to prosecute you for their losses. If white collar crimes weren’t serious, the FBI would not have formed an entire division dedicated to fighting them.
  5. Hire a lawyer with the lowest fees. Many lawyers hang their shingles out with the promise of beating their competitors’ fees. And they probably will too. But what they won’t do is win for you. When you are facing jail time, considerable restitution and personal devastation, you want the best attorney you can get—and that won’t always be the cheapest one.

Get Some Help

When you are facing Ohio white collar or theft charges, the odds may seem as if they are stacked against you. But there is hope. Adam Nemann, the Columbus criminal defense attorney, can represent your best interests, protect your constitutional rights and work to reduce or eliminate the charges and penalties you are up against.

Don’t make mistakes. Hire an experienced, aggressive Ohio white collar/theft crimes attorney. Call Nemann Law Offices today toll free at 888-294-9687 to find out what we can do for you.

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