More money is pouring in to Crime Stoppers to help catch the people who killed Dennis Lewis.

According to Crime Stoppers’ President Bill Taylor, an anonymous donor added $1,000 to the pot of $7,000 to help catch those responsible.

“That just gives us more ammunition to get this word out to the public,” Taylor said.

The reward has been increasing because of the attention 10 Investigates has brought to the five-year-old case.

Last month, 10 Investigates featured Dennis Lewis’ twin brother, Derris Lewis, who was falsely accused in the murder and left for jail for 18 months before investigators realized they made a mistake.

Derris’ attorney, Adam Nemann, has offered $5,000 of his own money to help solve the crime.

“There are people out there who know who committed this crime,” Nemann told 10 Investigates in January.

The extra attention might be paying off, investigators said.

10 Investigates learned that the lead detective in the case is actively pursuing recent leads and seems excited about their potential.

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