All You Need to Know About Firearms in Ohio

As a special thank you for being our client, or even just visiting our website, this free printable and downloadable handbook is a must in every household.  We have detailed the current Ohio laws on gun ownership and transportation of a firearm, legally. 

Also included:

  • Step-by-step instruction on what it takes to obtain your permit to carry a concealed handgun.
  • The rules associated with that privilege. 
  • How the law allows (and limits) certain rights when using a firearm, or protecting yourself, others, your home (castle doctrine), and even your vehicle. 

We have compiled these and other legal issues that must be known to an Ohio gun owner, in a thorough, but quick-reference handbook format.  Feel free to print, download, share, or give away as many as you like.  The purpose is to educate the public in order to make them safe firearm owners, who can abide by the law while protecting personal safety. 

In addition, we post updates and related criminal justice facts on Facebook and Twitter to keep citizens informed of new legal issues- feel free to join or follow. Simply fill out the requested information on the form, and one will be emailed to you immediately.

Your email will not be shared or utilized for any purpose but to deliver your handbook.

For any further specific inquiries, we can be contacted by phone at (614) 333-6007 any time to speak to an attorney.

Adam Lee Nemann
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Trial and Defense Attorney, Adjunct Professor of Law at Capital University, founder of Nemann Law Offices

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