STEUBENVILLE, Ohio Officials have confirmed that Trent Mays has been released from an Ohio juvenile detention facility.

Back in March of 2013 Mays, along with fellow student athlete Ma'lik Richmond was convicted of raping a then 16-year-old girl in August of 2012.

For the crime, Mays was sentenced to two years in the juvenile detention system. Richmond was released last year.

News Nine Legal Analyst Mike Nogay weighed in on the release of Mays.

"Trent Mays received a longer sentence than Ma'lik Richmond for reasons outlined by Judge Thomas Lipps after the trial. Now that Mays has served that sentence I expect he will be placed under post-release supervision and reporting requirements as outlined by Judge Lipps."

Mays' attorney Adam Neeman also released a statement.

"The Mays family is elated to be reunited with their son after this trying ordeal. Trenton has excelled during his rehabilitative process, and has earned the right to be released. He is an extremely promising young man, eager to prove himself on behalf of his family and his community. The family would appreciate their privacy during this time together, which they have so longed for."

Finally the family of Jane Doe and her attorney Bob Fitzsimmons issued a statement.

"We hope the guilty parties hold a higher standard of morals and values as their rehabilitation continues. We also hope that they realize the magnitude of lifelong pain that they have caused the victim and pray that the memory of their crimes lives in their souls as a constant reminder to treat women with dignity and respect."

According to Mays' attorney Adam Nemann, Mays will be placed on probationary status, and will appear in court at some point for a sex offender classification hearing.

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